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Maintenance is important than developing

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App error Resolve the 'APPMRO Center'

“Since various smart devices are used widely, many companies and government offices are making mobile applications. But
in many cases, apps are not support proper update for new smart devices and new operating system.” Kiwon Seo(46), the
CEO of FOCUSONE Inc., told the MK Business News. He also said “As the opening of smart era, the application maintenance market is booming.”

FOCUSONE Nepal won the Juror's Mentions Award

TeachApp, an Android based app of British Council Nepal in collaboration with FOCUSONE Nepal won the Juror’s Mentions Award at the mBillionth Award South Asia held on July 23, 2016 in New Delhi, India. It was nominated along with 50 apps under the “Learning and Education” category.

FOCUSONE Inc. launched ‘APPMRO center’

The App maintenance management services for the first time in the business.

Variety of smart devices spread all over the world these days, government offices, as well as many large and small companies launched their brand Apps ambitiously. As time goes by, however, most of them are failed to respond properly to new devices or updated OS, and become a white elephant.


FOCUSONE Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Launched SCT MoCo Service

Kathmandu, Nepal; May 4, 2014 SmartChoice Technologies (SCT), the pioneering leader in the electronic card payment industry in Nepal, today launched SCT MoCo mobile application for customers of SCT cards, in collaboration with FOCUSONE Payment Solutions.


[Column] Operational concerns of mobile apps

The last bite was more painful situation that story is that mobile is a major trend in the IT environment. Mobile is already a few years ago was the platform of the future will be a future-oriented environment in corporate IT in various fields of mobile-based applications, in other words, an app development.

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