App error Resolve the ‘APPMRO Center’


“Since various smart devices are used widely, many companies and government offices are making mobile applications. But
in many cases, apps are not support proper update for new smart devices and new operating system.” Kiwon Seo(46), the
CEO of FOCUSONE Inc., told the MK Business News. He also said “As the opening of smart era, the application maintenance market is booming.”

In April of 2014, FOCUSONE Inc. did the ‘Local government’s mobile App status survey’. It turns out 696 of 1,425 Apps, 48%
of entire numbers, are unable to use because of errors. The resolution response error is 75%, the highest, followed by a blackout error, impossible of search error and functional error.

Based on this market analysis, in June, FOCUSONE Inc. launched ‘APPMRO center’ the maintenance service for Apps. The maintenance and operations management can be more than 50% cheaper than the existing models and OS versions to fit on
your smartphone when you use this service.

The mobile environment would change quickly, but it will be able to use the latest version of mobile service rapidly in the highest quality.

CEO Seo said: “There were some issues like a responsibility reduction in existing scheme that one company is taking care of the app from development to after-management. But the APPMRO center provides 3-step-service to satisfy each customer’s app maintenance needs.”

FOCUSONE Inc., established in 2005, is the mobile professional software (SW) Company has been building a total solution for mobile business for enterprise and developing platforms. Because they have experience in mobile professional for nearly 10 years, it was able to jump into the app maintenance market that nobody pioneered.

In particular, FOCUSONE Inc.’s competitiveness is the global network. They have subsidiary in Korea, USA, Singapore, China and Nepal. Based on this, they are planning to fulfill the needs of app maintenance all around the world.

CEO Seo said: “So far, launching app was a important thing, but time goes by, the needs of app maintenance will be grow.
I’m so pretty sure that the APPMRO center would be a great help to companies those who have their own app.”

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