Solve App errors with ‘APPMRO Center’



“With the introduction of various smart devices, many companies, including government offices, are creating applications. But we often don’t have the right updates for our new smartphones and new operating systems.”

The market for app maintenance is rapidly growing as the smartphone era opens,” said Seo Ki-won, 46, CEO of FOCUSONE, in an interview with MK Business News.

According to the survey conducted by FOCUSONE in April this year, 48 percent, or 696 of 1,425 apps were found to have errors. Errors in responding to resolution of smartphones accounted for the largest portion with 75 percent, followed by service errors where apps were abruptly shut down or not searched.

Based on this analysis of markets, FOCUSONE introduced APPMRO Center, which is an app maintenance service, in June. If this service is used, maintenance and operation management can be made at 50% cheaper than before depending on the type of Smartphone and OS version.

They say mobile services will be available with the latest version and the highest quality in the fast-changing mobile environment.

“The existing method that a single company was responsible for from app development to follow-up management had the need to keep developers in charge, and there was a high possibility that developers’ responsibilities would decrease.” said CEO Seo. “By using APPMRO Center, we can provide customized services to customers in three stages depending on how much maintenance is needed.”

Established in 2005, FOCUSONE is a mobile-specialized software company that has developed total solutions for its mobile business by building an enterprise-style mobile system and developing a platform. Having built up mobile expertise for nearly a decade, the company was able to enter the app maintenance market, where no one ventured into it.

FOCUSONE’s competitive edge, in particular, is a global network.

It currently holds offices in five countries, including South Korea, the United States, China, Singapore and Nepal. Based on this, it is planning to meet global demands for maintenance of its apps.

“If it was important to release an app so far, there will be a bigger need to maintain the app in the future,” Seo said. “We are confident that APPMRO Center will greatly help companies that have apps.”

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