[Column] Operational concerns of mobile apps, is there any solution?


The last bite was more painful situation that story is that mobile is a major trend in the IT environment. Mobile is already a few years ago was the platform of the future will be a future-oriented environment in corporate IT in various fields of mobile-based applications, in other words, an app development. App also for customers and employees were inside the app also been developed for a wide variety of areas throughout the field work also. Now a short time grown into a celebration of the enterprise information system, a mobile app, so there are few companies that do not operate in the mobile app or two businesses above a certain size.

In retrospect, we open the first app to take advantage of the mobile company to work for the first time in early 2010 in a letter containing the body when I started to review the introduction of the first mobile app was around 2009. Windows Mobile operating system environment had at the time was based on the famous Omnia device. In 2010 before the victim four years from now. Looking back to other information systems within the company are the perching in part due to changes in business requirements, most systems may not be a lot of little changed when compared to early 2010 and now has been changed. But what about the mobile environment? Development was first added to the app for Android and iOS-based iPhone in the following year and was extended several Android apps on a single type of Windows Mobile-based device that was introduced in 2010. And has expanded into areas such as sales, inventory management, customer service and purchasing services are Covered in groupware.

Much different from other companies within the information systems environment and other mobile environments. First, a change in the software environment of the mobile platform is very fast. As you already know is a mobile operating system is short months, a year, once the upgrade is in progress gileodo. Even when often provide an environment that is not compatible with the previous environment of 100% in accordance with the rapid development of mobile technology in the mobile operating system upgrade these.

The environment of a too wide range of mobile devices second. Dont situation of one new model released a year about the iPhone, but (even so small that you can not ever … four years later, this model is likely to be used in the field at the same time, there may be only five iPhone) Korea Mobile impossible in the case of Android, which accounts for over 90% of the operating system nor the manufacturer will be released on multiple device types have been used in the field of Android devices alone device from a manufacturer, have over 10 species of approximately four years after fingering it is. It is very close to the disaster level Given that the operating system is also slightly modified the resolution of these devices, each differing degrees.

The third is that, even though these are less severe operating environment does not have the operating organization in charge of the company’s information systems professionals operating the mobile app. Even if the mobile App specialists prefer to work hard because they do not in themselves an identity in order to survive in a rapidly changing technology environment, the operating organization, nor be getting the best treatment in the market these days, mobile app developers employed professionals work hard to ensure that old It is.

There are a number of problems appear due to this mobile app environment. First is that the development of costly mobile app is difficult to fast response despite not working properly due to the lack of compatibility with the emergence of a new device or upgrade the operating system and. Because of this and prevent the use of some users which leads to reduced reliability for the system. Due to the upgrade of the iOS mobile app is a failure of these companies many times I’ve been through a part of the experience, I also always anxious.

And it is difficult to upgrade focused on mobile technology in the absence of mobile-related expertise utilization situation of the development of mobile apps through a difficult process to convince management to improve if it is off. Let’s put an external expert is not so challenging is your development costs. It is no wonder that mobile app users are facing which is getting me and am constantly evolving as completed even after a few years in the time mobile app development company is looking backward to look far to see the user’s eye level on the higher. Not many companies so that you can upgrade to a regular mobile apps to bring the costs are so great. I dropped the CR utilization is the development of the app is in the midst of crisis is liable to fall into gyereuk. Does no good way to overcome this situation?

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What if the professional or technical support for the operation of mobile service in the mobile app specialized for offering mobile apps for businesses? The server can be divided into segments of large corporate mobile apps and mobile-based information systems. Not much different from the typical three-tier Web application server part. Therefore, this environment can be fully operational by the operating organization within the enterprise has already been built. The main target of the difficulties mentioned so far, the mobile app is available for the client, while parts. Therefore, there will be sufficient capacity in the stocks mentioned technical aspects, if the mobile app provides specialized services to the general business operations, and is fluent in a mobile environment, because a professional mobile service company prior to target multiple companies with expertise effectively as it can be utilized because of the professional staff responsible for various corporate mobile app technology environment, nor be able to significantly reduce maintenance costs in the position of each company seems to be able to be made easily apply the latest technology. Maybe if you can provide a better technology at an affordable cost is really icing on the cake? Of course you can bulgeojil several issues during the initial introduction as yet difficult to contact these services operating practices. We can think of the program source code, such as security issues, corporate sales potential information leakage, a problem typical example of accountability unclear. But I do not have to be a good solution if you can suggest a mutual maintenance and reliable solutions to these issues are expected to be increasingly distressed companies operating within the mobile app. If you have difficulty providing self-help to solve this problem appears now that…

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