FOCUSONE Inc. launched ‘APPMRO center’



“About 50% or more of the app management costs…”Don’t worry about upgrading.

FOCUSONE Launches Industry’s First App Specialized Maintenance Operations Service ‘APPMRO Center’

In today’s widespread use of smart devices, many companies, as well as government offices, have launched brand apps with ambitions, but many are becoming a pain in the face of their failure to properly respond to new devices or OS updates.

Among these services, a service has emerged that allows users to maintain and manage the latest brand apps at reasonable cost for local governments and businesses that have difficulty in maintaining apps due to the lack of app-related professionals and expensive app upgrade costs.

FOCUSONE (CEO Seo Ki-won, which specializes in mobile apps, said it launched “APPMRO Center,” a service that is maintained and operated by a professional operating team.

APPMRO Center( is a service that enables mobile apps to be maintained and operated at reasonable cost in line with new smartphone models and operating system versions that are released in and out of the country.

According to a recent survey conducted by FOCUSONE on mobile apps by local governments in April 2014 with a team led by Professor Park Soo-jin of Sogang University and the latest models of iPhone and Android, 696, or 48 percent, of 1,425 apps by local governments and public organizations nationwide, were unavailable due to errors.

Resolution response errors topped the list with 75 percent, followed by 18 percent and 12 percent, with service errors that could not be abruptly terminated or searched for. Only about half of the apps surveyed were operating normally.

The APPMRO Center provides basically OS version-specific upgrade response, error and bug fixes, and online customer support services for app maintenance operations. In addition, maintenance operation contracts can be contracted through cost calculation based on customer’s choice of service grade such as app upgrade, operation report delivery, app store management, feature addition, UI and UX improvement, language-specific development, server hosting, etc.

For example, assuming that a company is expected to require a total of 24 to 40 million won a year for updating OS versions and upgrading apps based on the release of new handsets, the APPMRO Center service could cost between 720.10 million won and save more than 50 percent a year. Furthermore, the more complex and difficult the configuration of app functions, the more cost savings can be enjoyed.

In other words, it is unique to the APPMRO Center, which is differentiated from existing operating services, that the latest version of the app and optimal quality can be maintained with reasonable cost investments without worrying about the emerging mobile environment per year.

For APPMRO Center services, Focus has the latest technology and testing equipment through OS-specific professional developers, design teams, and various app development projects, and acquired patent technology that can improve the usability of mobile apps according to feedback from real users.

The APPMRO Center can provide systematic analysis for successful operations, including whether apps managed using these patented technologies are designed for use or provide efficient service to users.

A step-by-step service provided by APPMRO Center for mobile app maintenance and operation is designed to help users manage their mobile apps, respond to OS version upgrades, correct errors and bugs, respond to online customer support services (level 1), respond to new release terminals (requires consultation based on resolution and technical specifications), operational reports, app store management (level 2, level 1) development, U.I. and U.X.

The FOCUSONE APPMRO Center service is available through a website consultation or wireline consultation application, and through consulting with professional operations teams, customers can define the services they need, confirm estimates, sign contracts, and set operating environments within 15 days.

“Maintenance of mobile apps has been pushed to the back because it takes a considerable amount of time and money to develop and manage apps separately for each smartphone model and OS version,” said Seo Ki-won, CEO of FOCUSONE. “With APPMRO Center service, customers can significantly reduce maintenance costs and improve mobile app usability by analyzing feedback from customers around the world and improving mobile app quality as a focus.”

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