UI/UX Design


Mobile UI/UX design experts

Unlike typical designs, mobile UI/UX designs need to take into account a variety of devices and complex user environments. FOCUSONE has a mobile UI/UX professional design team to offer a stylish user interface.


Optimized UI/UX design process

Mobile SW development requires processes that take into account a variety of design environments compared to regular SW development. FOCUSONE is optimized on mobile SW development and UI/UX design process.


Experienced UI/UX design with global companies

FOCUSONE has various UI/UX design experiences through mobile SW development by foreign companies such as Citi group (U.S.A), SingTel (Singapore), Optus (Australia), as well as various Korean companies such as SK Telecom, Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Motor Group, and JoongAng newspaper.


Continuing to Empower Mobile UI/UX Design

FOCUSONE Design Team always tries to have professional attitude for UI/UX through research activities associated with external advisors and internal workshops.

Software Development

Mobile SW development for multiple platforms

FOCUSONE has been focusing on mobile SW-related technologies through establishing subsidiary research institute since 2009. It has its own software engineering processes tailored to mobile SW development characteristics and developed apps for a variety of mobile platforms, including iPhones, Android and Windows phones.

Glboal Mobile Software experience

FOCUSONE has the ability to develop mobile SW that meets to international technical standards through experience with development projects between domestic and foreign corporations. Based on experiences accumulated through various mobile SW development projects in Korea and abroad, including SK Telecom Mobile Groupware, Hyundai Heavy Industries Mobile Groupware, Nonghyup Mobile Banking, E-Mart, Shinsegae Department Store and JTBC News, FOCUSONE provides high-quality Mobile Apps.

Endless research for technical competence

FOCUSONE has continued its efforts to improve its technical skills through internal and external research tasks, and accumulated research record accordingly.



Development of Hanchao Map Application
Development of Huinette Talent Bank Platform
Development of yellow balloon Inicis payment for iOS APP
Maintenance Service for Hughnet KT&G KISS
Huinette Hyundai Uenye mobile solution enhancements
Development of Huinet Happy College Platform
3rd stage development of SKT SWING Legacy reflection management
Enhancing SKT Integrated Membership App
Maintenance Service for K-Brain Amway Go App
Maintenance of the Hyundai U&I You-Go-Car Carriers Portal System
Maintenance Service for Hyundai U&I Mobile Groupware
APP Development for the Infopia mHealthGate iOS APP
Maintenance Service for Smart Joint Central Media Network
Maintenance Service for National Rent Car Insurance Association Daily Self-Service App
Maintenance Service for Insurance Training Center Smart Learning System App
Maintain Service for “Gapande” App for “Hankyoreh”
Maintenance for SKT AM SW
Maintenance Service for SK C&C Mobile Groupware


Establishment of 2016 SKT Smart Billing Platform
Development of NEPA Mobile Service
Design for SK C&C Dubai Limousine Taxi Control POC
Advance Development of SKHC C-NET
Maintenance Service for Smart Joint Central Media Network
Maintenance Service for National Rent Car Insurance Association Daily Self-Service App
Maintenance Service for Insurance Training Center Smart Learning System
Additional development of TELKOMSEL Phase3-1 NFC in Indonesia
Maintain Service for “Gapande” App for Hankyoreh
Development of Taiwan ADTC CR 4th
Design for SK WAU Business Development Activity Management Mobile
Developement of TELKOMSEL Phase3 in Indonesia
Development of The 3rd ADTC CR in Taiwan
Development of Huinet Prime iOS Mobile APP
Development and Maintenance Service for ADTC in Taiwan
Maintenance Service for Indonesian TELKOMSEL Mobile Commerce
Maintenance Service for SKT AM SW


SK Mobile Traffic card Demo Application
Taiwan, ADTC Development and Maintenance
Indonesia, TELKOMSEL Mobile Commerce Maintenance
SKT 2015 year, ICT Innovation Team`s EMD Database System Building
SKT 2015 year, SKN Mobile GBIS`s Development
Korea Amway, sABN`s Error Testing and Improvement
Hankyoreh Newspaper, Hankyoreh NewsStand App`s Error Testing and Improvement
Central Broadcasting Station J Golf Magazine Design&Development
Nationwide Mutual Aid Car Rental App deducted one days Deviation maintenance
Insurance Institute smart learning system maintenance
SK C&C Mobile Group Portal NateonBiz Improvement
Establish a central motif mobile platform media network links
China mojob Application
China DCT Wines Application
SK C&C 2014 Nateonbiz 2.0 mobile redevelopment
Indonesia TELKOMSEL Mobile Commerce further development
SK C&C CorMKT Application Development
Singapore Telecom, SingTel NFC Mobile Wallet Phase7
Central Broadcasting Station J Golf Buddy service
Indonesia TELKOMSEL Mobile Commerce stabilization
SKT IT and Technology EMD Data system deployment
Singapore Telecom, SingTel NFC Mobile Wallet phase6


Indonesia TELKOMSEL Mobile Commerce
Australian Telecom Optus Mobile Wallet
The real proof of SKT Mobile Services
SKT IT and Technology tablet for mobile app UI/UX improvements
SKT IP yard advancement
Singapore Telecom SingTel NFC Mobile Wallet Phase 4-2
SKT Subjoined
China AFC Mobile Access Card UI/UX Design
Singapore Telecom SingTel NFC Mobile Wallet Phase 4
SK C&C CorMKT Mobile Application and Admin Website
Singapore Telecom SingTel CMS Website
SKT Mobile T-net Enhancement certification Application
SKT B2B Holding Story Mobile Application
SKT AM SW Maintenance
SKT Mobile T-world Advancement 4.0
SKT Group Common iOS certificate enhancement
SK C&C Mobile Groupware maintenance


Australia Telecom Optus Mobile Wallet
SKT B2B Holding Story Mobile Application
SKT Mobile T-world Improvement 4.0
Nepali Mobile TV Service Development
SK Tablet Phone UI/UX Integration
SKT Smart U.key Website
SKT Smart bill enhancement
Singapore Telecom SingTel NFC Mobile Wallet Phase 3
SK C&C CorPay 3.3 Mobile Client UI/UX Design
SKT M U.key System
SK C&C MWC Mobile Wallet DeMO UI Design
Singapore Telecom Sing Tel NFC Mobile Wallet Phase 2
Joongang Broadcast J Golf Birdie Service
Shinsegae, Emart Mobile Application Maintenance
SK C&C Mobile Groupware Maintenance
SKT M Customer center Improvement


SK C&C mCommerce Cor360
SKT SingTel NFC Mobile Wallet Pashe2 System
Vodafone System Secondary development
Vodafone System Primary development
mCommerce Cor360 System development
SK China Multi-language support
SK Innovation electronic approval system
SK Telecom electronic approval system
Joongang Broadcast J Golf Birdie Service management & maintenance
JTBC News Mobile Application BI improvement
IT Operation team GW management
JTBC News Mobile Application
SK Telecom affiliated company Tablet service expansion
Joongang Broadcast J Golf Mobile App(iPhone)
SKT Groupware building
SKT Mobile M.Ukey support Galaxy Note
SKT M Customer center T world improvement
SKT Cloud Desk Quick booking
emart Shinsegae Dept. Store, Mobile application service
SKT Group Mobile TokTok System


NISSAN Singapore Navigation Supply
SKT Telink Mobile electronic approval system
SKT subsidiary company mobile service
Platform IT Infrastructure mobile office building
SKT M.Ukey VOC enhancement
SKT Platform IT Infrastructure mobile service
SKT M.Ukey 2.0
SKT Papercess Office
Bdrive Personal cloud mobile application
Tong Yang Securities Mobile trading application design
emart Mobile Application
Joongang Newspaper social report system design & development
Hyundai&Kia Motors Mobile Groupware design
SK Group 23 subsidiary companies, Mobile Groupware system O&M


Joongang Newspaper Newsweek Magazine Korean Ed. Mobile application
Shinsegae Dept. Store, Mobile application service
SKT M.Ukey Mobile system, 3th release
The Economist Magazine Korean Ed. Mobile application
Joongang M&B ‘Cine de Chef’ Mobile application
Joongang M&B ‘Help for Haiti’ Mobile application


SKT M Customer center, 5th release
SKT TStore, mobile applications
SKT M.Ukey, 2nd release
GFCU(Georgia Federal Credit Union) mobile banking system
CCNA(Citi Card North America) mobile banking system
Intuit mobile banking system
Joongang M&B mobile magazine application
Microsoft Mobile BI application


Hyundai Heavy Industries, Mobile Groupware system
Mongol Telecom Skytel Mobile banking system
China Jiangxi Mobile shopping mall platform
SKT M.Ukey, 1st release
SKT M Customer center, 4th release


SK Energy Mobile Groupware
SK Holdings Mobile Groupware
SK Networks T Interactive, Speed M Mini Expert
SKT Mobile Groupware ASP platform
SK Networks Mobile Groupware
SKT M Customer center, 3rd release


SK C&C xMAS, Mobile application development framework
CASE Mobile education service ‘TuTo’
SKT M Customer center, 2nd release
SKT Mobile Groupware


NH Bank WAP mobile banking service
KEIS, MOL, Mobile application service
FOCUS News Network, Mobile data integration engine
SKT M Customer center, 1st release
NH Bank Mobile banking service

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